Sunday, 9 December 2012

Secret Santa

So it's that time of year when people start drawing names for Secret Santa and the gift hunting begins! This year I have a work colleague to buy for and someone in my friendship group aswell. My team at work are all women and we know each other pretty well so everyone usually gets a decent gift. My friendship group on the other hand is a mix of guys and girls, I think there are about 16 of us in total including partners. So you might end up with something nice (last year I think I got some Lush goodies, result!) or something silly, like a blow up Gladiator dual set! (Seriously this happened one year, check it out). Personally I like the silly gifts, way more fun! This year I'm super happy with both my draws but it hasn't always been the case so I thought I'd do a little post on what's about at the mo incase anyone was struggling!

When it's comes to Secret Santa the first place I always head is I've been a Firebox fan and customer for quite a few years now and they have always have lots of fun gift ides for under a tenner.

Ninjabread Men - £7.99 - Firebox
How awesome are these Ninjabread Men cutters?! Seriously, I know a certain baker who could put these to good use! The pack features three different shapes so your Secret Santa could bake up a whole army of cookie cutter Ninjas!

Sass & Belle - £8.75 - Debenhams

A purse is a really great idea because everyone needs a purse! Personally I'm always breaking mine by overfilling them with loose change and I love little purses for fitting into clutch bags. You can never have too many little purses in my opinion. This owl coin purse from Sass & Belle is so cute, I would be super happy to receive this, hint hint Secret Santa ;). If you don't know the person too well you can always go for a safer choice if you're not too sure on their tastes! 

Mavala - £10.35 -
If you've spotted your Secret Santa likes to do her nails, why not look for a nail varnish set? The colours in this set are so fun! 

Alien Invader Multi-Tool - £8.99 - Firebox

And if you draw a guy as your Secret Santa this Alien Invader Multi-tool is pretty cool! Not only does it look good as a key ring, it's also a screwdriver and a bottle opener! What more could he ask for?


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