Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Ottoman Hands Ring Bling

I've recently started to try and include more rings into my jewellery collection. I've always been a little scared of rings as I never thought they suited me but I've forced myself to wear a couple recently and I'm starting to embrace the idea.

Whilst searching for rings to add to my collection, I kept finding that when I liked the look of something it was almost always an Ottoman Hands ring.

Mini Delicate Ring £15 -

This type of ring is definitely where I'm at right now, not too flashy, simple, but cool.

Double Pear Ring £40 -

I think this Double Pear ring is super cute and I love that all the bands and settings look a little beat up and raw.
Large Stone Ring £60 -
Once I'm feeling brave enough I'm definitely going to start trying out statement rings. This one is a bit pricey for me at the moment but once I'm feeling a bit more confident, I wouldn't mind splashing out a little on an awesome ring.

The brand is currently stocked on and if you head to the Ottoman Hands website there are lots more styles and stones to choose from. I kinda wish I hadn't found the website as now I'll never be able to decide which one to get!



  1. That double ring is so cute! Tara says dooo it ;)

  2. love the rings
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