Sunday, 18 August 2013

Maaji Swimwear

Maaji Swimwear Bikini
Left: Maaji Captain Gorgeous Bikini Set £50
Right: Maaji Saltwater Grace Bikini Set £45

I'm off on a trip to Australia next year (ahhhhh) and so I'm trying to pick up bits and pieces now as I'm planning to go February/March time and I doubt there will be much summer clothes in the shops then! So I've been looking at swimwear and I am came across these beautiful pieces from Maaji in the ASOS Outlet section. I always forget about the Outlet section, I get so distracted by the New In's. They retail for between £80 - £130, so you're getting a good little deal from ASOS. I love the animal prints in the two bikini's above and the mix of colours and prints makes for a really fun overall look. Lovvvvvvvvvvve.

Maaji Swimwear Bikini
Left: Maaji Prinited Halter Bikini Set £58
Right: Maaji Slate Grey Scuba Bikini Set £48
From what I can see most of the sets are reversible too, which is pretty cool! Again I just love the prints of these next two bikini's. I think the set on the left is my favourite because I prefer the style of the halter top but I just can't decide!

What do you guys think? Help me out here.


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  1. They're really cute, I love the mix of the prints. I think my fave is the second one! Perfect for Oz


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